Amin Reports — 14.05.18 16:40

A story happened yesterday with me 😔 I tried to cross into the Turkish territory by crossing over the wall and swimming in the river. It was an illegal way to enter. I tried to escape from the burning war for fear of my life. Yes, I lived 5 years of siege, hunger and daily
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A Polish Radio report Click the picture to go to site (Polish).

My country …. my land …. my city … Yes, this steadfast city that revolted against the Assad. I chanted loudly, we do not want the butcher’s rule. I have been besieged I have tortured I have tasted the varieties of torment I do not cry on its walls, but its walls are crying over
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In these places, the crime in these places took place in the middle of peace, strangling life and arresting it. Yes, this is the crime scene, gentlemen of the world all watching this bloody play. Always Eastern Ghouta Bombing places with chlorine gas and sarin in a city.

I received this picture earlier today.

40 martyrs and more than 700 injured children, women and men in the bombing of chemicals targeting city always, where is the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Save Humans! Save Humans! There’s no one left, world. Always saved. Today City always eastern ghouta…….

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