Amin Reports — 14.05.18 16:40

Amin Reports — 14.05.18 16:40

Amin Reports — 14.05.18 16:40

A story happened yesterday with me 😔
I tried to cross into the Turkish territory by crossing over the wall and swimming in the river. It was an illegal way to enter. I tried to escape from the burning war for fear of my life. Yes, I lived 5 years of siege, hunger and daily bombardment.
I did not die in this siege
But Turkish bullets almost killed me. Yes, I swam in the river and I was about to sink several times. I lost my things there. I lost my identity papers until I lost my clothes and shoes
The Turkish border guards arrested me after the shooting. They searched me and confiscated what was left with me. Then one of the soldiers beat me and insulted me. They took me to their headquarters near the border and began to interrogate me and took my name
They put me in the yard of the camp in the bitter cold and my clothes were wet. I asked one of the soldiers to give me a blanket or something to keep warm but they refused. It was 10 pm
They asked me why I came here I told them I’m a man I want to live I want to learn I escaped from death And to have rights And to settle I have seen many horrors, enough is what I saw in Al Ghouta
Someone told me if you want to live, go back to Syria. We have nothing to do with what is going on there. Go and live, fight and die. Who cares for your petty life?
I said yes it is petty life does not mean anything to anyone
Yes like me like the thousands of Syrians who died
We mean nothing to anyone
After 6 hours they took me to the border crossing and they told me to go back to your country. Come on, do not come back here.
It was 4 am I walked barefoot 8 km
on foot
It really is a humiliating life
I wish I had died on the dust of the eastern Ghouta and I have never seen this in my life, death is easy for the humiliation and torment we are in.
Is this why I do not deserve life


  • Fortunately Amin seems to be safe at the moment:

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